Fitness Classes in the New Forest

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Various different ‘stations’ with several exercises on each using a mixture of gym equipment, weights and your own body. Great for moderately increasing the heart rate and burning fat. Ideally suited to all abilities and everyone is able to work at their own pace.

Kettle Bell

A new programme initially developed in the USSR to help train their Cosmonauts and Olympic Athletes. Using various different weights to help build up both upper and lower body strength. A great all over body work out. Beginners are welcome and the weights we use start at just 2kg.

Core Stability

Your Core is the most important part of your body. If your core isn’t strong enough it can affect your posture and even how you walk. Through a series of exercises we will strengthen your core giving you a stronger, more toned tummy and stronger back.

Blitz Class

Using various weights we concentrate our activity on building up strength and stamina in our upper body; particularly the arms and shoulders, the lower core; especially our stomachs and our Gluteus Maximus; (our bums!) This will get your heart racing at the fat burning.


High intensity and high activity circuit training. Ideally suited to those who have had some previous exercise experience and are looking to build up and maintain their existing fitness levels.

Arms, Bums and Tums

Using lots of different weights we will tone up the areas of our arms and shoulders, our tummies, bottom and legs. Moderate activity is required and you can work at your own pace.

Class Listings

Monday – 
9:30-10:15am – Fit for All Class @ Lyndhurst Community Centre (£5.00)
6:00-6:45pm – Body Blitz @ Emery Down Village Hall (£6.00)

6.15-7.00pm – Body Blitz/Kettle Bells @ Elmers Court Lymington (£5.00 for non-members)

Wednesday – 
9:30-10.15am – Arms, Bums and Tums Class @ Emery Down Village Hall (£6.00)

Thursday –
9:30-10:15am – Kettle Bell Class @Elmers Court Lymington (£5.00 for non-members)
6.00-6.45pm – Circuit Class/Bootcamp @ Emery Down Village Hall (£6.00)

7.30-8.15pm – Body Blitz @ Bartley Village Hall (Green Tin Hut)

10.30-11.15am – Kettle Bell Class @ Elmers Court Lymington (£5.00 for non-members)